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5 Strategies to Stay Positive When Things Start to Suck


5 Functional Ways to Maintain a Positive Attitude In the Midst of Hardship

Life’s not always rainbows, butterflies, hearts and flowers. The trick to being happy is maintaining a positive attitude even when you’re going through tough times.

Winston Churchill said it well:

“A pessimist sees the problem in every possibility; an optimist sees the possibility in every trouble.”

I’ve chosen to put together a list of various strategies that you can use that will certainly help you be more positive, even in the midst of hardship.

Every day I prefer to use my positivity as my stamina. I select not to stay “in the pits,” so to speak, but instead to overcome my battles as I look toward the future. Yes, there are days when I cannot do so, when I collapse under life anxieties, yet those days are a reminder of why it is so essential for us to remain positive and to pick joy, even in the meds of destruction and calamity.

1. Post a motivating quote on social media.

We might also make use of the forever-growing social media sites as a means to proclaim positivity over our lives, as well as to urge other individuals that remain in our inner circles. Specifically on those days where I simply really feel helpless, I recite bible quotes and publically share them on Instagram.

2. Live a healthy lifestyle.

Improving your self-esteem with a healthy and balanced way of living will lead to a generally positive perspective on life. I wake up in the early morning, drink a bottle of water, and exercise. Then I eat a healthy breakfast and take about 15 minutes to meditate and be alone so that I can ground myself in my purpose for the day. It’s not only important to take care of yourself physically. Meditation allow your mind to be cared for as well, which will help you to be more productive throughout the day.

3. Try to see the good in all things.

There’s a positive side to every scenario. Occasionally, as you may know, good things can actually come from bad situations, and you may be able to find good in unfavorable circumstances. Maintaining a positive attitude and seeing the good in every situation is a choice, and one that I intentionally make each and every day.

4. Lower negative thoughts in your life.

There are lots of pessimistic people out there that see the glass as half-empty by default. If you spend time with pessimists, you will probably become one yourself. You are who you associate with.

5. Do activities that bring a smile to your face.

Listen to tunes from by your favorite band, go running, write, drink coffee, take pictures, hang out with your closest friends, call your family members, play golf, take a Zumba class, talk to that person you haven’t seen in a while, prepare a healthy dish, learn a brand-new language, flatter someone … the opportunities are endless! Do anything that makes you happy! If you are really feeling down, do not simply mope around by yourself. That encourages depression. Be aggressive in your quest for happiness, peace, and love!

What are some other tips you have for staying positive when life sucks? Share your strategies in the comments below!

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