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What Sparked My Interest in Martial Arts…

When I was young my parents got me into martial arts because, like most good parents, they wanted me to be involved with extra curricular activities and explore interests that I might enjoy. I remember being somewhat reluctant and nervous at the idea of trying it for the simple fact that it was new. I forgot how we landed on which martial art to get into but somehow we had come to the decision of Jeet Kune Do. This decision would ignite a passion and an interest in the martial arts legend, Bruce Lee.

Bruce Lee was probably the first iconic person I had a real interest in learning all about. As I learned and studied his style of martial arts I also learn about his life and philosophy. I was absolutely amazed that a man who was so small in stature could be so powerfully strong and revered. I would watch his movies and videos of him performing and be in awe of his quickness. One thing I really respected about him as I studied what made this man great was his work ethic and commitment to the martial arts.

I really began to get engulfed by the martial arts culture as I took Jeet Kune Do classes and studied the man who created the style. I read books about him and even did school reports and projects about him. I was almost to the point of a mild obsession… but a healthy one, you know? My obsession also seeped into the physical training aspect of my classes and I became in the best shape I probably have ever been in. I excelled in my classes and made it through the ranks of different colored belts. The physical symbol the different belts provide was great but I was more focused on my personal growth and development throughout the classes.

Eventually, I quit the classes due to my instructor having a minor god complex and the practices of a bad businessman. Though it did not pan out with my classes I will forever remember the interest and passion it sparked in me. Getting into martial arts helped dial in my focus and instilled focus in me that I could utilize in every facet of my life. Whether you are into martial arts or not there is something to be learned from the life and his method of martial arts, Jeet Kune Do.

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