Who Am I?

Name’s Josh.

I used to fight for a living.

I should rephrase that. I used to be an MMA fighter. Now, I still fight for a living, but in a different way.

There was always something so refreshing about being in the ring. Even when I was having the piss knocked out of me, I felt alive. The rush that happens just before a fight begins is almost impossible to describe. I’ve done plenty of things to get a rush of adrenaline: skydiving, bungee jumping, you name it.

Nothing ever came close to my career as an MMA fighter.

Then, one day, life happened. I suffered an injury to my shoulder that took me out of the ring for good. Now? I teach others to do what I used to do, and it’s still pretty thrilling.

Do I miss fighting? Yes. But I’m glad I still get to train other MMA fighters.

I own a gym in Charlotte, NC. Most of the work I do is on the back-end. Because of my injury, I don’t get to participate in the physical work of training fighters, but I take pleasure in the day-to-day tasks that keep my business running.

I mentioned above that I still fight for a living, and I realize you might be wondering what I meant by that. I guess it’s somewhat of a metaphor. I believe that anyone who isn’t fighting to live this life isn’t really living at all.

Shit happens. The world is a dark, scary place. I learn new lessons every day, and through those lessons I gain new perspective. That new perspective allows me to keep on fighting hard. Even though I can’t physically fight anymore, life is full of struggles, and I keep pressing on, mentally, spiritually and sometimes even physically when I can, to make sure I’m living it to the fullest. I also teach my wife and kids to do the same.

This site was created to inspire anyone who’s a fighter. Whether you’re a mixed martial artist or just a regular Joe who’s learning to live this life to the fullest, this site is for you. I’ll be using this space to record stories, lessons I’ve learned and thoughts about what it takes to win the fight we’re all actively engaged in as we live our lives in this ominous world.