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Turning the Other Cheek

In my previous post, I shared some of my favorite inspirational quotes for fighters. One of them was “an eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind.” I wanted to expand on this idea a little more by talking about one of Jesus’ most well-known pieces of advice: turn the other cheek.

Some people believe that turning the other cheek essentially means becoming a doormat or a pushover, and that it instructs us never to defend ourselves against our enemies. I do not believe that to be true.

Although I advocate responding to hurt with love, sometimes, “turning the other cheek” (as the world defines that phrase) is simply not practical. In some cases, self-defense will be necessary to ensure your very survival. In those extreme situations, I advocate self-defense as a means of continuing your life and maintaining your own well-being, as well as the health and well-being of those around you.

Let me put it another way: if a man showed up at your front door in the  middle of the night with a gun and threatened to harm you and your loved ones, I would absolutely condone self-defense in that situation. You don’t need to shoot to kill, but shooting him in the foot, or using your own strength to disarm him so that he’s no longer able to hurt you would be appropriate.

Sometimes, we have a tendency to get defensive and if not careful, we end up being hurtful towards others who hurt us (intentionally or not). I believe that in calling us to “turn the other cheek,” Jesus is simply asking us to respond to hurt as lovingly as possible, and to only put up our defenses when it’s absolutely necessary, and to do so in such a way as to minimize harm to the other party.

These are my thoughts. Do you agree?

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3 Inspirational Quotes For Fighters

inspirational quotes for fighters

I’m a lover, and a fighter. What I mean is, when I fight, I do it out of love. Meaning I don’t do it to harm anyone. I do it when the outcome is certain to showcase my love for other human beings.

Sometimes, it’s necessary to fight for things. Things you believe in with your whole heart and that you know are for the good of humanity. Fighting to harm others is bad, but fighting for things that will only improve the world is good and very necessary in my opinion.

I seek to be a resource and an inspiration to everyone with whom I come in contact. As part of that goal, I frequently find myself sharing inspirational quotes and sayings that will uplift the spirit and feed the soul. That said, here are 3 of my favorite quotes about fighting that I hope will inspire you as you stumbled upon this post today!

Quote #1: “An eye for an eye will only make the whole world blind.” – Mahatma Gandhi

Like I said, sometimes fighting is necessary. But when you’re doing it for revenge, it’s likely to create more harm than good. Only engage in physical force when it’s absolutely crucial for your own well-being or survival. Never put down others or verbally abuse them. Karma’s a bitch, and I can tell you from experience that it will come back to bite you. If someone tries to put up a fight in your presence, turn the other cheek and encourage others around you to do the same. Who wants to fight a guy whose hands are up in the air as a sign of surrender? No one.

Which brings me to the next quote:

Quote #2: “Nobody can hurt me without my permission.” – Mahatma Gandhi

I think that speaks for itself, but I’ll elaborate a bit more. Offense is a choice. If someone emotionally hurts you, it’s because you allow them to get under your skin. Choose to keep your chin up when adversity strikes, and you won’t get hurt.

At the same time, don’t put up walls. Create transparency and friendship and you’re sure to receive those things a hundredfold.

Quote #3: “Use only that which works, and take it from any place you can find it.” – Bruce Lee

One of my favorite fighters of all time. Wise words, Bruce. Wise words.

Don’t swing your fist at someone if they’re throwing emotional swords at you. Physical fighting does not remedy emotional hurt. At the same time, swinging back emotionally won’t do much good either. The only thing that works to fix hurt is love. So love passionately, and love more.

Has this inspired you in any way? If so, please leave a comment below and share this post with someone you know and love. If I start to get a lot of responses, I may turn this into a regular series on the blog!

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5 Strategies to Stay Positive When Things Start to Suck


5 Functional Ways to Maintain a Positive Attitude In the Midst of Hardship

Life’s not always rainbows, butterflies, hearts and flowers. The trick to being happy is maintaining a positive attitude even when you’re going through tough times.

Winston Churchill said it well:

“A pessimist sees the problem in every possibility; an optimist sees the possibility in every trouble.”

I’ve chosen to put together a list of various strategies that you can use that will certainly help you be more positive, even in the midst of hardship.

Every day I prefer to use my positivity as my stamina. I select not to stay “in the pits,” so to speak, but instead to overcome my battles as I look toward the future. Yes, there are days when I cannot do so, when I collapse under life anxieties, yet those days are a reminder of why it is so essential for us to remain positive and to pick joy, even in the meds of destruction and calamity.

1. Post a motivating quote on social media.

We might also make use of the forever-growing social media sites as a means to proclaim positivity over our lives, as well as to urge other individuals that remain in our inner circles. Specifically on those days where I simply really feel helpless, I recite bible quotes and publically share them on Instagram.

2. Live a healthy lifestyle.

Improving your self-esteem with a healthy and balanced way of living will lead to a generally positive perspective on life. I wake up in the early morning, drink a bottle of water, and exercise. Then I eat a healthy breakfast and take about 15 minutes to meditate and be alone so that I can ground myself in my purpose for the day. It’s not only important to take care of yourself physically. Meditation allow your mind to be cared for as well, which will help you to be more productive throughout the day.

3. Try to see the good in all things.

There’s a positive side to every scenario. Occasionally, as you may know, good things can actually come from bad situations, and you may be able to find good in unfavorable circumstances. Maintaining a positive attitude and seeing the good in every situation is a choice, and one that I intentionally make each and every day.

4. Lower negative thoughts in your life.

There are lots of pessimistic people out there that see the glass as half-empty by default. If you spend time with pessimists, you will probably become one yourself. You are who you associate with.

5. Do activities that bring a smile to your face.

Listen to tunes from by your favorite band, go running, write, drink coffee, take pictures, hang out with your closest friends, call your family members, play golf, take a Zumba class, talk to that person you haven’t seen in a while, prepare a healthy dish, learn a brand-new language, flatter someone … the opportunities are endless! Do anything that makes you happy! If you are really feeling down, do not simply mope around by yourself. That encourages depression. Be aggressive in your quest for happiness, peace, and love!

What are some other tips you have for staying positive when life sucks? Share your strategies in the comments below!

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What Are You Fighting For?

freedom fighters

With the upcoming presidential election, I wanted to provide some food for thought. Hopefully this post will motivate you to really think about the state of our nation and the direction we’re headed in.

But before I go there, allow me to briefly apologize for being MIA for so long. I’m a fighter, not a writer… heh. Seriously though, I’ve been going through some personal things that have prevented me from being entirely present on this site, but I’m doing my best to get back in the trenches again, starting with this post. So, I hope you can forgive my absence and move on with me as we continue these fighting conversations!

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about all of these battles we’ve been fighting. And by “we” I mean the good ol’ US of A. We have wars for just about every conceivable thing – a war on terror, a war on drugs, a war on poverty, a war on cancer… etc. But is all this fighting really doing us any good? Furthermore, what are we really fighting for?

The war on terror isn’t working. The war on drugs has done little to eliminate drug abuse and addiction and a lot to increase incarceration rates in our country. The war on cancer? Well, that’s just laughable considering that 1 in 2 people will get cancer in their lifetime. And this war on poverty will do nothing to benefit the powers that be, so the way I see it, it’s just lip service to appease those to whom socialism appeals.

The upcoming election has us all fighting each other on social media newsfeed and forums. Disagreements are rampant. Differing opinions over candidates’ beliefs and proposed policies have served to divide us as a people, rather than unite us. Long-term, this is detrimental to our nation.

So my question is this: what are we fighting for? More importantly, what are you fighting for?

We should all be fighting to reestablish the USA as a great nation. We should all be fighting for true freedom. True freedom means being able to make decisions without government intervention. It means that if someone wants to use a drug for recreational purposes, they should be able to without the threat of incarceration, as long as it’s not hurting anyone. It means that if someone chooses not to vaccinate their children, they shouldn’t be reprimanded by the media or by their healthcare professionals for making that choice. It means being able to pay into things that will improve our communities voluntarily instead of being automatically forced to pay taxes. It means being able to opt for private health insurance, or no health insurance, if that’s what floats your boat.

We have stopped fighting. We’ve given up and we keep telling ourselves that it’s perfectly okay to just vote for the lesser of two evils and hope for the best. But what if we refused to vote for evil at all? What if we refused to go along with this whole charade and decided to unite together, as a people – one nation under God (or Buddha if you prefer that sort of thing) – and stand up for what we believe in? When did we become so damn apathetic?

It’s time to stop complaining and to start fighting. I keep seeing all these memes on Facebook joking about how this election might come down to Trump and Hillary and how awful that would be. But we just go laughing about it and accepting this as our reality instead of actually doing something to change it. Either we don’t know how to change it, we’re lazy, we believe we’re powerless, or we just don’t care. I hope for everyone’s sake that the latter is not the case…

I ask you again: what are you fighting for?

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For All The Fighters Out There…


Welcome to my new site. So glad you stopped by.

Check out my “About” page for more info on what this blog is all about.

This is my first post, and I’m going to keep it short. As a fighter, I tend to stay pretty busy, so I don’t have time to write a whole lot. But when I do, I promise to make it count.

If you’re a fighter like me, then it’s likely you found my site by searching for MMA training. Well, sorry to disappoint you, but I’m no longer an MMA fighter. I am, however, still a fighter (as I mention on my About page … if you haven’t gone there yet, be sure to check it out after reading this post.)

So this – my first post – is dedicated to all the fighters out there. I just want to encourage you to keep fighting. For whatever it is you’re fighting for.

Most of us MMA fighters do it for the thrill. But whether you’re into mixed martial arts or not, if you’re living life the way you should be living it, then you’re fighting for something meaningful.






Something. If you’re not fighting for something, then you’re not living.

Choose, this day, to believe in something and fight for it. Stop daydreaming, and take action. In all my years as an MMA fighter, that’s the number one lesson I took away from every session in the ring – take action.

Sure, you can stand there, and wait for your opponent to make the first move. But if he has the same mindset as you, you’ll both be waiting for a long time. And where’s the thrill in that?

The thrill comes when you take action. When you make the first move. So, go for it. Stop waiting. Stop dreaming. Do something for God’s sake.

That’s all I have to say for now. Come back later for more inspiration.

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