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How Charlotte NC Chiropractors Help Injured Athletes

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Being an athlete, I know how important good health is for top performance. It is especially vital to be pain-free without being dependent on drugs and other substances that give rise to unhealthy side effects. I personally like to use alternative and holistic remedies for managing pain and improving overall performance. This is where a good, reliable Charlotte chiropractor comes into the picture.

So what qualities should one look for when selecting a Chiropractor?

Any chiropractor Charlotte NC has to offer will be able to help you manage and alleviate pain but only a competitive team of practitioners can help you avoid subsequent injury and provide rehabilitation during and after recovery. I personally stress the importance quality care and personalized services when seeking any alternative therapist.

The chiropractor you choose should have a very high standard of ethics and should not reveal your personal health information to any person or organization under any circumstances whether it is for insurance purposes or any other purpose.

To find a local chiropractor, search Google for chiropractor near me and do some research to make sure you find one that meets your criteria.

What can you expect when you see a chiropractor?

An experienced Charlotte chiropractor will take down your complete and detailed history and plan comprehensive care that goes beyond simple pain management. S/he will holistically analyze your health conditions ranging from minor digestive disorders to more serious conditions like fatigue, performance related factors etc. S/he would then advise you about spinal adjustments and lifestyle changes if you need any. Your chiropractor will also provide a regular check-up on your health and improvement.

Services provided by chiropractors of Charlotte NC

A good Charlotte chiropractor will have extensive knowledge of conditions arising out of different types of injuries and overuse of muscles and nerves in athletes. I consider my chiropractor to be like a family doctor – one who can even treat minor ailments including ear and throat infections, general injuries like wounds or scratches, apart from the more serious ailments that arise from sporting activities. Pain management is just one of the services provided by the chiropractor Charlotte NC community. Chiropractors around the world are famous for pain management, but the one you select must be able to render several benefits by getting to the root of the problem and treating you holistically.

  • Rehab—After an injury has been treated, your Charlotte NC chiropractor must provide rehabilitation and education about how to aid faster recovery and avoid further injury.
  • Keeping your body in top-notch condition—An average Charlotte chiropractor can do wonders for pain, but the good ones will be able to help you improve your overall health and keep your body in top-notch working order. He/she must help you perform better in sports as well by working on appropriate nerve endings and muscles.

Additionally, Charlotte chiropractors can generally provide the following health benefits to both low and high-impact athletes:

  1. Whether you are a golfer, tennis player or bowler, a chiropractor in Charlotte NC must help relieve strain on your muscles.
  2. They should help provide stability and support to the muscles and joints and enhance and stimulate the body’s natural healing mechanism.
  3. Herniated discs, lower back pain, tennis elbow, carpal tunnel syndrome, knee or shoulder conditions, ankle strains and even post-surgery edema can be managed with help of an experienced chiropractor.

I personally use a Charlotte chiropractor for preventive athletic injury and support. I highly recommend the same to all athletes looking to better their performance.

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For All The Fighters Out There…


Welcome to my new site. So glad you stopped by.

Check out my “About” page for more info on what this blog is all about.

This is my first post, and I’m going to keep it short. As a fighter, I tend to stay pretty busy, so I don’t have time to write a whole lot. But when I do, I promise to make it count.

If you’re a fighter like me, then it’s likely you found my site by searching for MMA training. Well, sorry to disappoint you, but I’m no longer an MMA fighter. I am, however, still a fighter (as I mention on my About page … if you haven’t gone there yet, be sure to check it out after reading this post.)

So this – my first post – is dedicated to all the fighters out there. I just want to encourage you to keep fighting. For whatever it is you’re fighting for.

Most of us MMA fighters do it for the thrill. But whether you’re into mixed martial arts or not, if you’re living life the way you should be living it, then you’re fighting for something meaningful.






Something. If you’re not fighting for something, then you’re not living.

Choose, this day, to believe in something and fight for it. Stop daydreaming, and take action. In all my years as an MMA fighter, that’s the number one lesson I took away from every session in the ring – take action.

Sure, you can stand there, and wait for your opponent to make the first move. But if he has the same mindset as you, you’ll both be waiting for a long time. And where’s the thrill in that?

The thrill comes when you take action. When you make the first move. So, go for it. Stop waiting. Stop dreaming. Do something for God’s sake.

That’s all I have to say for now. Come back later for more inspiration.

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